Kiggy means: Overeating Kid. Kid+Piggy=Kiggy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Elliott Burgess)

What else does Kiggy mean?

  • N is a little annoying child, usually used as a negative term. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tania Jones)
  • Kiggy is a noun that means to be kind, funny, loving, and talented. You don’t mind hugging someone, even if they are down. Although you are sometimes shy and humble, you find ways to charm people. You are one of the most difficult things to lose but one of your greatest assets. Kiggys are special. If you have the opportunity to see one, don’t hesitate to grab a kiggy. Kiggy can be your best friend. (in Community Dictionary, added by Valerie Hamilton)
  • 1. You can give a kiss or a hug at once. 2. A hug and kiss are two ways to show affection. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nicolás Montoro)