kentucky klondike bar means: A group of people eats a whole bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken and becomes very hot. The bucket is then emptied by one of them. The group then joins in a circle of jerks and put all their cum in the bucket. One person covers the cum cream with shitting over it. The Kentucky Klondike Bar is complete. Participants then enjoy the Klondike Bar. (in Community Dictionary, added by Hillbilly)

What else does kentucky klondike bar mean?

  • One can then take feces from a fat chick’s asshole and spit them out. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ruth Caldwell)
  • It is the act of freezing one’s bowel movements and then sexually penetration another person with that frozen bowel movement. One can choose to follow a Kentucky klondike or a Panamanian pet zoo. (in Community Dictionary, added by Adyson Mcclure)