Kennedy means: Her personality is bright and fun. She is loved by everyone, yet she is very self-conscious about all things. Jackson and anything with a J are her favorites. They enjoy food, movies, and sports. They don’t mind if people hate them. It’s easy to get lost in her eyes, and fall in love with her smile. Kennedy is hard to lose, so don’t let her go. (in Community Dictionary, added by Yair Hinton)

What else does Kennedy mean?

  • Kennedy is tallest and most beautiful woman ever. She’s so kind and sweet. She only wants the best for everybody. Kennedy has been through so many things but it’s what made her strong. She can have steel or bones, but she has a tender side that she rarely shows. If she ever does, you will need to be on her side. She is very intelligent. Although she rarely seeks out help, she will always offer it. It is rare that she hates people. If you do, you’ve made a horrible mistake. She will never be wrong for anyone. You will find her a generous, good-hearted person. She is reliable and trustworthy. She will not tell anyone a secret if you try to tell it. It can take some time for her to come out of her shell, but you’ll soon fall in love with her. (in Community Dictionary, added by Shyann Brennan)
  • A girl who isn’t too proud of herself. She doesn’t think like a boy and is able to tell the difference between right and wrong. She is devoted to her family and loves being with them. Although she is proud of her own self, she doesn’t fear being herself. Although she may get ridiculed, she is aware that her opinions are important. She insists on being treated as she should be, and will walk away from those who make fun of her. Kennedy is strong and never loses hope. Kennedy is not the person you think she might be… (in Community Dictionary, added by Haylie Li)
  • Kennedy is an incredible person and will always be there. Although she may threaten to make a fool of you, she will not harm your feelings. You will feel terrible for leaving her there and she will cry and cry. Kennedy is very special and she won’t deny it. Kennedy will always do what you ask, or do better for you, if you give her something. You will never meet a better friend, sister or person than her. Kennedy is the one they want, even though it might be hard to believe. (in Community Dictionary, added by Technomania)
  • Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy. You will find her unique and different. She’s also very smart. She is a terrible person and you are making a big mistake if you think you are one. Not the timid ones or the mean ones. She is blessed with friends who are perfect for her. You can stare at her eyes for hours. They are light green, and look almost like the ocean. Although she is tall, her height does not make her a giant. Although she thinks she is fat, everyone agrees that she is just right. She will continue growing until she reaches the height of her enormous heart. Kennedy is very active every day, so be sure to act fast if she’s a friend or you love her. (in Community Dictionary, added by Krish Moss)
  • Kennedys are loud and unafraid of their opinions, which makes them unique. Kennedys are funny and always have something to share. They are not only brave but also loyal, honest, and optimistic. Great at planning. Their nerdy side is often evident and they enjoy being their own person at all times. Kennedys are not only great at curves but also very tomboyish. It will be hard to imagine your life without Kennedy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rodney Oconnor)
  • Kennedys’ are unforgettable. Kennedys are shy and funny, but they can also be very charming. You will find them able to smile, and they are hard to keep mad at. Kennedys have a reputation for being very successful in their lives. Kennedys are known to be original. Kennedys are not followers, but leaders. Kennedys can sometimes be criticized for their ineptness, but they are smart. (in Community Dictionary, added by Roberto Iglesias)