Kegel means: You’re not here to learn WAP, so be honest. (in Community Dictionary, added by Billy Washington)

What else does Kegel mean?

  • You can also call it the PC muscle, which is an exercise that involves tenseing a particular part of your body between your scrotum or anus. If you do it correctly, it will make you smile. (in Community Dictionary, added by CybersubBosh)
  • Name of the pelvic floor exercise and muscle, after Dr. Kegel who invented it. They attach to your pelvic bones and function as a hammock that holds in your pelvic organs. These muscles have a common purpose: stopping or starting urine flow. Kegel exercise can be beneficial for men because it increases ejaculatory control. A strong Kegel muscle in women can help with childbirth and give the vagina more grip. (in Community Dictionary, added by Krista Hurst)