katonah means: Katonah is a real life example. (in Community Dictionary, added by Warren Sellers)

What else does katonah mean?

  • Katonah, a village in Bedford County, NY, is called the “hamlet” of Bedford. Two distinct parts of this village are the one to the west and east of the Metro-North railline. You will find a mix of victorian and modern houses in the western part. It is located close to Katonah, the main shopping district along Katonah avenue. This area also has a train station and several boutiques. Katonah Elementary school can be found here. The area is home to a majority of the upper and middle class commuters from nearby NYC. Depending on the location, real estate prices can reach the high hundreds of thousands. However, as one gets closer to the city center it creeps up into the millions. This area’s children attend Katonah Elementary School, which is part the Katonah–Lewisboro Schools District. It has a more BefordSouth Salem feel to the Eastern side. The houses in this area are larger, with prices starting at the low- to mid millions. They are also separated by trees. The residents are usually upper-middle and upper-class Doctors, Lawyers, and Executives. Famous neighbors include Martha Stewart and Ralph Lauren. The majority of children go to private school or attend nearby public schools, such as the increase miller and lewisboro elementary schools. This is because different backgrounds can influence the attitudes of the children. At the John Jay High School, it’s easy to see that Katonah Elementary School graduates are more approachable than those from the upper classes. (in Community Dictionary, added by Prince Burnett)
  • It is the best town anywhere. (in Community Dictionary, added by Moriah Galloway)
  • Katonah, good old Katonah… The small Westchester New York town is similar in many aspects to Chappaqua but it’s much more charming. You are likely to live in a home worth more than 1 million dollars and share a car with at least 3 other people who own a BMW, Mercedes or Lexus. Teens tend to wear Ralph Lauren or Lacoste everywhere, especially at country clubs. Although this area is rich, many people would prefer not to show off their wealth. This is why it is sometimes referred to as being less wealthy. However, this is false. Katonah, a small village in Bedford is home to Ralph Lauren’s and Martha Stuert. This is where you should be if you are moving to Westchester. (in Community Dictionary, added by Harper Delacruz)