Kappa Slapper means: Kappa Slappa is an adjectival that refers to a person who participates in leisure-class fashion seasons. Large, blond breasts and a lot of colour. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aryanna Walsh)

What else does Kappa Slapper mean?

  • A townie bitch is another name. She thinks she looks tough by being seen in tracksuits and starting fights. (in Community Dictionary, added by Janae Fritz)
  • Female of the Chav tribe. A comman Kappa slapper usually wears Kappa-labelled sports clothes. Hair is often bleached blonde and pulled back in a ponytail to make it look semi Ghetto. He usually hangs out at bus stops or local hangouts, looking for Street, Dope, and Down. Passers will often ask for cash, cigarettes and to borrow their Mobile phones. Then they may steal the phone to purchase crack. (in Community Dictionary, added by Siena Reed)
  • The Nike Pikey female equivalent. All over Britain, you will find them congregating at parks and bus stops in large numbers. Sportswear is not only for Kappa, but also cheap vodka and supermarket cider. Smoking fags is a constant habit. Chav scum. (in Community Dictionary, added by Krystal Lester)