kappa kappa gamma means: This is a sorority that only accepts members who are willing to dig for gold and those who have stoic compunction. While Kappas can affect pride and honor when they are actually a bunch of money-grubbing whores, (in Community Dictionary, added by Wombat)

What else does kappa kappa gamma mean?

  • Kappa is one the most revered and oldest sororities. Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation, the largest Greek Foundation, is also one of the oldest. Kappa had the least number of chapters in close proximity to any panhellenic sorority. The Kappa has strong standards and a strong alumni network. It also has chapters at strong private and academic schools. Kappa has many distinguished alumnae. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kody Kim)
  • Kappa is a very popular and exclusive sorority. The Kappas have a reputation for being smart, classy and sweet. We can still party like the rest and be down-to-earth. As in, we’re good girls. Kappas can be charming, cute and adventurous in any way you choose. A few famous Kappas: Ashley Judd Kate Spade Charlotte: Sex and the City Nancy O’Dell Gretchen Carlson Miss America, 1989 It’s classy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ada Huang)
  • Kappa’s are not a bunch of gold-diggers as the common belief. They are an elegant group of classy, well-mannered, and fun girls. Today we salute you miss Kappa sister. You not only have the brains, looks and glamour but also the class. Frat boys might talk to girls, but that’s not their goal. You are every man’s dream, every woman’s envy. It’s possible to party like a pro and still maintain your frat-tastic style. If you’re dating a Kappa, raise your hand. If you’re not, raise your standards. Crack open an ice-cold crystal and make yourself sexy Kappas. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alexis Hodges)
  • The sorority presents itself as classy but is actually a society for money-grubbing whores. (in Community Dictionary, added by Reuben Whitaker)
  • An Illinois college founded the sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma in 1870. Kappa Kappa Gamma is known for being a classy and all-around girl because their members include scholars, jocks as well as debutantes. All of them are sophisticated, but they love having fun at the right times. Oh yeah, they are rich and beautiful. (in Community Dictionary, added by Henry Stephens)
  • This is one of the most popular and well-known sororities in America. Although they are often stereotyped as hot and rich snobs, there is a lot of great kappas out there who are fun-loving, intelligent, and amazing. This sorority is exclusive to those who know about greek life. It has been mentioned in films like “Legally Blonde” and “Sex and the City”, which are both about the sorority Charlotte was a member of. (in Community Dictionary, added by Keegan Snow)