kaneland means: High school known also as Cocaineland. It is home to many crackheads and young girls who are trying to gain over 1000 followers on Instagram. The majority of the students will likely drop out and sell drugs. Half the others will be selling drugs. Kaneland’s best feature is the three-weekly shooting threats. You should not drink the water in Kaneland. However, we have a 3000 dollar statue of a dinosaur so it’s something every school should own. (in Community Dictionary, added by Zachary Barr)

What else does kaneland mean?

  • One school district in Illinois is under threat from shooting. You can smell the shit every morning as you step off the bus. A water tower worth a thousand dollars is not in use. A dinosaur sculpture is also available, which is believed to have been made by a student in an off-the-shelf welding class. We will soon be purchasing an electronic board, which cost $3 million from the money we earned in vending machines. The instructions on how to enter the school will be displayed. Rivals include: Geneva, Batavia and Dekalb. Famous Grads: PJ FLECK Camp at Kaneland; Casey Crosby, a blonde-haired child that plays for the Detroit Tigers. Eric, Eric, and Kathy: In the morning, 101.9; ect. The Bus Scandal is well-known for its 8 snow days each year, threats to school for three weeks, the construction of a new middle school, and 8th grade at high school. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jordin Martinez)