kabbazah means: A method for women to use their K-muscles, ‘Kegel’. It is named after Arnold Kegel, who first discovered them in 1940. Also called ‘pubococcygeus,’ or PC. It was originally a Taoist method used by Chinese women to increase sexual stimulation of their relaxed vaginal muscles. However, this term has been adopted by Muslim Indians. The word comes from Arabic and literally means a woman who bakes or a bakery woman. A woman will insert a raw egg into her vagina. She then clutches on the egg with her vaginal muscles. They resemble the insides of vacuum cleaner’s hoses. Then, she releases again to help “milk” the penis. Apart from the new-age schtupp-mad quacks, they were not the last to try this old sex ritual. They were instead the Turkish sultans or rich polygamous Ishmaelites. These two groups used to visit more than a hundred women each night. Kabbadi is an interesting old sex technique. It’s an oral tantric sex exercise from India where women repeat a word over and over without having to exhale. (in Community Dictionary, added by Scott Nelson)