k2g means: American Rap Group was formed in Rockford Illinois. At present, the group’s members include Kyle Long n Longy Chica Mo Mo and Kyle Chicken tender Dick B Dawg. Their debut album “Wow, Where Can I Buy One Of Those Thats Really Big”, was a huge success in rural America. You can view their catchy songs, “All The Bitches Want to Sleep with Me” and “Hey You Cant Drop That on Me, It Rather Disgusting The least”, at various web sites. According to the upcoming group, “we don’t know much about Rapping but we want our dicks to be sucked.” The band is curious to note that they have set off on a French tour in hopes of finding French girls who don’t wear pants. The band hopes to visit the United States next year to meet lots of nudists. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tania Randall)