jump the curb means: It is the act of jumping from a vehicle over a curb. This usually happens in one of these two situations: 1. A drunk driver wiping out Or 2. Somebody is going to strike someone. This second condition is more common in video games than it is in real life. Twisted Metal players often used the phrase in the mid-90s. GTA players can hear it more, because the “jump the curb!” shouted at them is an encouragement for pedestrians to be run over. (in Community Dictionary, added by Dulce Hampton)

What else does jump the curb mean?

  • This happens when a man thrusts vigorously into the female’s vagina. Then, he abruptly pulls back and jabs her penis. In this instance, the “curb” is either the perenium of or “taint” on the woman. The man pretends to be innocent and denies that the woman complained. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lena Turner)