Julissa means: Julissas have a curly, brown-haired girl with brown eyes and short hair. Julissas can be smart, intelligent, and funny. Julissas can be creative and imaginative. They don’t enjoy having too many friends. Julissas can be irritated by people, which sometimes causes her to become very angry and cause them to fight. (in Community Dictionary, added by Dominic Faulkner)

What else does Julissa mean?

  • Rare are Julissas. Their height is impressive, and they have curly hair. They also have beautiful lips and eyebrows. They also love sports and music. Talk to her when you need to talk about serious things. She will listen and help you. She is always there for her friends. Although she can sometimes be mean, she doesn’t mean to. She is funny, and will always make you smile. She will often be in bad mood and will not smile when asked what is wrong. Sometimes she is shy, sometimes more outgoing. If she’s with you, she will be faithful. She’s trustworthy. She is very trustworthy and girls are jealous. She’s very smart and grateful. She is a bit sentimental. She would make a great addition to your family. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aryan Kent)
  • Amazing person, sensitive and kind. But also smart and able to take things seriously. (in Community Dictionary, added by Imani Wells)
  • Perfection. Julissa is a perfect example of perfection. Her beauty is unmatched. Julissa has beautiful, sparkling brown eyes and an infectious smile. She deserves to be loved and supported with all of your heart. Her beauty is unmatched, from her head to the bottom. Beautiful on the inside, with her caring qualities and beautiful outside, with her radiant curves. Julissa will not try to harm you. Instead, she will be there for you. Julissa is an absolute rider and loyal for a life time. Julissa truly is a blessing. She is smart and beautiful, which makes her the ideal girl for any man. She is beautiful without any makeup or freckles. Her beauty should be respected, loved, and taken care of for all eternity. Julissa, the most beautiful and perfect girl ever to exist. (in Community Dictionary, added by Dominique Franklin)
  • Julissa, is an amazing little girl. In every possible way, she is perfect. She is the kind of person that will brighten your darkest days. This girl is the sweetest, most lovable, and most charming girl around Elgin. She has the best voice and the most stunning eyes. She will inspire girls to be just like her. Her friends and boyfriends will envy her. Her beauty is unique and she is an exceptional person. Julissas are very attractive. Julissa is a great party starter and enjoys having fun. A Julissa is wild and loud. Julissa is always there to help you, no matter what. Julissas have a lot of talent and are driven to achieve their goals. (in Community Dictionary, added by MattrapGloze)
  • Julissa, a beautiful girl with brown eyes and a great listener is very good. Julissa is a good friend and can get loud when she gets excited. Although she is loyal, funny and funny, she can also take things seriously. She would consider anyone lucky enough to call her a friend. Although she can make mistakes, she is sensitive and has her heart set on the right path. (in Community Dictionary, added by Anaya Clark)