Juice Pig means: An abbreviation for a pussycat who loves semen. Refers to the semen. Pig is a synonym for greedy and fat. This is the kind of girl you don’t want to be with, but you might have to support her fat tits if she is fucking you from behind. (in Community Dictionary, added by Maximus Fischer)

What else does Juice Pig mean?

  • An adjective for loose women who are a bit heavy. She is somewhere in between a skank or a slore. After 6 drinks, her body starts to shrink. You wouldn’t be able to pick her up and place her on your kitchen counter for sex, but you can definitely prop her fat tits there if she is behind you. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ally Barrett)
  • An excessive intake of steroids by a bodybuilder. (in Community Dictionary, added by Joyce Stein)