Juggling means: To date more than one person at once, or to have several sexual partners in the same time period of your life. (in Community Dictionary, added by Poltroon)

What else does Juggling mean?

  • Talking to and/or being interested in multiple people of the same sex. To successfully juggle one needs to keep each party separate from the other so no one else knows about them. To avoid being found out, the juggler should be able scheduleplan events. Synonyms: Player, Skeez, Fucker. (in Community Dictionary, added by HuxleyAbear)
  • This is the ultimate sport. It involves keeping more objects in the air, usually balls. Juggling is a popular activity that uses scarves and fire torches as well as balls, rings, scarves, scarves, club, scarfs, fireballs and firetorches. However, many items can be used for this purpose, such as furniture. Jugglers are people who do juggling. You can also try other types of juggling such as the Diabolo handsticks that have string between them and an hourglass-shaped spinning ‘diabolo,’ Devilsticks handsticks and a longer stick to balance on. Contact Juggling involves rolling one ball around and keeping it in your contact at all times. It is one of my favorite forms of juggling. Juggling is one of the most enjoyable pastimes ever created. Normal peasants should hold those who can do it in high regard. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kale Rhodes)