Juggaho means: A person who laughs at anyone that behaves like those gay clown faggots, aka juggalos. (in Community Dictionary, added by Deon Griffith)

What else does Juggaho mean?

  • One subspecies the famous juggalo. They are “wannabe” or, as they like to be called by our generation, juggalos. Sometimes, there’s some confusion among laymen as to what this means. The truth is, anyone who wishes to “down with da clown” can’t be trusted or intelligent. They are therefore intrinsically the same. (in Community Dictionary, added by Bradley Kaufman)
  • Modification “Juggalo” to be “clever”. Look at where that took them JuggaLO is not something to be proud of. It’s something that anyone who has self-respect would love and take pride in. Keep going. Keep watching. Just when you think things are going to go in one direction, they suddenly change. They say JuggaHO …., which completely transforms it into something dumb. You suddenly think, Hey, I got insulted, I was going to JuggaLO, and then they completely blew my mind, and said JuggaHO. Heh…haha…it totally sounded just like Juggalo up until the very end. I was absolutely OWNED That’s right, The once-majestic title of Juggalo is now the most insulting, thanks to the power of wordplay, which was only possible through the sharp rapier-wit and second grade playground fight. ….not stupid. Here I refer to Pot vs. Kettle, the famous “You’re black” hearings from 1604. And In 1973, the case of “You stink!” was heavily covered. (in Community Dictionary, added by Roberto Cano)
  • With other hobos who are wearing the same clothes as them, Hobos Masturbate and make up to get porn. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kaley Montgomery)