Judy means: She is the most gorgeous, best, smartest, classiest, beautiful, and hot woman on earth. Although she knows many people, she keeps only a handful close to her heart. No matter what, she will be there to support you. Although she doesn’t enjoy sharing feelings, if she does, then she is one lucky person. Don’t let her go. You’ll regret it when she leaves. Keep a Judy close by if you want to ever experience true love. (in Community Dictionary, added by Petronila Soto)

What else does Judy mean?

  • A beautiful girl from any Asian heritage. (in Community Dictionary, added by Elisa Bird)
  • Your best friend and sister. The sweetest, most caring girl of all. You will not be sad if you meet a Judy. You will find a Judy to be your shrink, teacher, friend, sister and everything. You will be loved by her, and she will love you back. You are a fool if you do not love and care for her. You will have your moments and you must be there to support her. Trust me. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ivy Ruiz)
  • Judy is one of the most beautiful, intelligent, funny, and charming people you will ever meet. Although she can sometimes be annoying, particularly when you are stressed out or feeling down, it is only there to make your day better. Judy is my best friend and she’s the greatest person I know. She will protect all of your secrets, even the dirty ones. She will not let you down. You can trust her and she will never let you down. She is the “one” for guys. For girls, she is your long-lost sister. She is my sister Her don’t mess around with me spirit and charm can be replaced by no one. You will never regret becoming friends with her. She is unbelieveably funny. Although she’s tough, she can also be the sweetest person. She is reliable and trustworthy. You won’t want to leave her. You will be able to share your life with her as a spouse or friend. Judy is your best friend until the end. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lance Terry)
  • Cute, cheery, upbeat, fun. Name of someone who is cheerful and joyful, even if it seems irritating. The name Judy immediately creates a sense of uncontrollable joy and giddiness within the speaker. (in Community Dictionary, added by Adrián Cortés)
  • Hott person. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kevin Willis)
  • She is the most amazing, sweetest, kindest, beautiful, smartest, and most intelligent woman in the entire world. You will love her forever if you get to know her. You don’t love her if you don’t get to know her. (in Community Dictionary, added by Arthur Cole)