Josiah Palacios means in slang: This guy is an ALPHA MALE. He is an absolute pleasure to have around. All the ladies will be drawn to him. His most striking quality is his lucious man bun. He’s always accompanied by bodyguards everywhere he goes. According to rumours, he is able to get a mate with supermodels all over the globe every five hours. Because Josiah is so close to his best friends, they can’t get in a relationship. Josiah, besides being the super-alpha male of the planet is also very funny. He enjoys making art and cutting bananas. Josiah is also incredibly skilled in the kitchen. He can whip up waffles with strawberry syrup and a side of cereal and beans in less than 2 minutes. They are often from Hawaii, Christmas Island and Easter Island. If they’re little beta men, one could be found in the Carolinas. You should not let your bedwars partner rush you. He will likely fall into the void jumping bridges, and all that he is useful for is putting up a wooden bed defense. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Lizbeth Mcguire)