Joshlene means in slang: Joshlene means perfection. A name that evokes beauty and grace. Joshlenes can be very attractive in both appearance and personality. One of my friends, Joshlene is an artistic child who can be quite poetic. They might find it difficult to communicate their emotions verbally, which is why they have found their escape to the arts. Joshlene is a “quirky” person because she enjoys discovering and liking new perspectives that not many people have seen. Joshlene, a very androgynous androgynous, is Josh’s name. -lene, the only female part of Josh, is more masculine than Josh, which is why Joshlenes aren’t interested in gender coordination. Joshlene is a person who could not care less about the world. They are the kind of people that say, “you know, I want to disappear because there’s not much to life,” but then also hypocritically go, “yeah, dying seems painful. What and why the ****?” Joshlenes can be a bit of a schlump, but once they get to know you, they become very fascinating. Sorry, I ** so sad that I have to write this. I also need validation. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Crapkin)