Joseph Case Jr High School PART 1 means in slang: Joseph Case Jr. High acts like an industrial shredder but it doesn’t crush things. It eats your self-esteem. These kids are a bunch of brutes who make fun of everyone. Sometimes, “brutal” is an exaggeration. A lot of playground insults are used, such as “jerk” and “dummy”. These children, let’s just say, are very mature and immature. These children know very harsh terms that they use to make fun of others, such as “whore” and “*******.” Although it might seem aggressive at first, imagine yourself in an environment that is “child-friendly”, surrounded with 11-12 year olds. While there are some children who pay attention, it is mostly jokes and talk. Two kids are arguing in the back. It’s not something you pay attention to, but one kid calls out “****” and then laughs. One of the kids is distraught. This is not a place I would like to find myself in. REFER TO PART 2 (in Slang Dictionary, added by Stratiform)