Jose Hugo means in slang: This is total brainfuck. They can make you mad, but they will also get you in love within 5 seconds. It’s confusing. You can see his eyes and they melt any negativity. He is calm and collected and understands. His positive outlook makes it impossible to stay angry and make you feel so happy that you almost cry. His spirit is infectious and he will be a wonderful husband and father. Don’t lose him if you do find one. He can be sensitive, and sometimes allow his emotions to take over. He is extremely loyal, and once they find a friend they are always there for them. Although they will often walk away from being pushed, they can be understanding and will answer your questions back. He is very protective of those he loves, but he doesn’t often show this side because it can make him feel scared. They are subtle, but you can see the signs of their randomness. He is often under pressure and, if he doesn’t know it yet, someone else must before they can drain them out. You would consider him your strangest friend. They may not tell you if they’re hurt and could hide to get better. You may wonder if they’ll ever return. Sometimes you even see them out in the open and it isn’t them. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Aliya Suarez)