Jorel’s Brother means in slang: It is also known as “Irmao de Jorel” (Brazilian). Por Juliano Enrico created this brazilian cartoon. This series depicts the everyday life of an extravagant and eccentric family. Jorel, the middle child with smooth, silky hair and an attractive and sweet way of winning girls makes him the most famous guy in the town. The show’s not about Jorel, however. It is about his younger brother. He is a shy, nameless boy who is often called “Jorel’s Brother”. His older brother Jorel is almost always the star of the show, and Brother of Jorel is often the one who gets the spotlight. He tries to be a family member and has his own identity. Every situation is a mess, with some serious consequences and others less so. This was typical of Brazilian 1980s family life, surrounded by surreal, senseless adventures and always seen from the point of view of Brother Jorel. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Taliyah Leblanc)