jordan sylvester means in slang: is a simple form of . Bad mutha is a man who has *** with ninjas. Most likely, a ninja, or another bad profession such as pornstar, elected official or super-athlete, or even C.E.O. Your mom. Disclaimer: Will not regret fornicating with any friend’s hot mom. The Jordan is a *****, cold-blooded bandit who sees the future and exudes fire from his mouth. You are not sure what a Jordan makes, but they usually make a lot more money than you. If it comes in contact with Jordan, an enigma can spontaneously explode. You can find a jordan in public places like cities and towns or Canadian territory. You can find a Jordan in the wilderness, where you may have ponderous thoughts about the existence of space and time that would make lesser men’s heads explode in the form of an alarming sucking sound. It would be a waste of time to explain Jordan in detail. It is the feeling of being in the essence of all that is. A jordan. Woman A: Do you notice that handsome man walking in this direction? Woman B: He just checked your out. Woman A: I believe I ** pregnant. Woman B: WOW, I believe that Jordan sylvester said it. You are such a **** *****. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Ubaldo Cano)