joosed means in slang: Receiving an alcohol enema. You can have any type of alcohol, however, it’s more popular to receive an alcohol enema along with the flavorcaffeinated malt beverage “Joose”. It is believed that the “joosing”, which is effervescent, increases the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream more than other non-carbonated alcohol beverages with the same percentage. A joose bag or common drug store enema can be used to administer the enema. See Fleet Enema for more information. A joose bag is similar to a pastry bag. It has many joosenozzles which can be switched out for different levels of enjoyment and experience. It is recommended to use a different nozzle for each recipient when you share a joosebag between more than one person. You fill the bag with the alcohol beverage. One finger is kept under the tip. Once the bag is full, fold over the open end and seal it tightly. To position their ****** northestly, the recipient should remove all of their clothes and pants. The joosing will be administered by another person. With practice, experienced joosers can administer the joosing on their own. Once the recipient is ready to pull the ripcord, or remove the alcohol from her ****, she must remain in the ****-northward posture. The recipient can choose to have the silicone cork or joose pad plugged if the alcohol content is lower. The “ripcord”, which allows the recipient to be mobil until it is pulled, can also be used. Section 5 provides more information. http:en.wikipedia.orgwikiEnema It is very dangerous and has been linked to alcohol poisoning. This type of alcohol is not recommended. See the winner of 2007 Darwin Award: http:www.darwinawards.comdarwindarwin2007-13.html. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Iconography)