Jookie Spore means in slang: 1. When it is exposed to humans, mildew-like substance can cause strange reactions such as the sensation of sweating when you see raw shellfish or the desire to swim after eating hot dogs. These rare symptoms include: 1. After watching a PG-13 film, you may experience public urination. 2. Ignoring the seasonal disease of rotting pumpkins, staring incomprehensibly 3. After slipping on one shoe instead of the other, you may feel great regret or even hardship. 4. After using the electric nose shaver for a few minutes, you feel intense cravings to eat blueberries. Symptoms may become apparent as soon as the Jookie Spores are infected. However, some individuals never experience symptoms. When the symptoms of the spore are manifested, there may be many hereditary factors. The West Virginia Medical Institute scientists haven’t been able to determine how Jookie Spores are created and have thus far not discovered a way to cure them. Speculation suggests that one man may have had sexual intercourses with themselves hermaphrodites, leading to the creation of an ejaculate which could contain Jookie Spore membranes. Although Nicholas Renyer has been identified by the “speculative” person, this information remains to be confirmed. These spores have been collected in powder-like forms by teens from the Mid-West USA since 2004. Although not much information is available about “Juke Dust”, scientists and doctors both strongly recommend against using the compound substance for its long-term effects that could cause lethal side effects. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Demarcus Nicholson)