Joojeh Artist means in slang: There are many people, most of them under 16, who see themselves as professional artists. But you can’t reach for a pen? Also, he is incredibly open to using words in strange orders like “I love my new ARTING” or “What the… A Joojeh artist cannot be confused with an amateur artist. An amateur is someone who has just started to draw, and then works hard at improving their skills. A joojeh is an artist who thinks they are next-generation Da Vinci. They’re just sketches that were drawn quickly to get attention. They either don’t bother trying at all or they try harder and believe they have climbed Mt. Everest. Joojeh artists aren’t artists. They just want attention. You should not approach anyone in your area if you suspect they are a Joojeh artist. If these are the features you have found in your body, please let us know. Unfortunately, then you are a Joojeh artist Stop being ridiculous if you are already an artist. Instead, go out and find your true talent. We all know that you are talented and want to be an artist quickly. But nothing can be gained overnight, except that you get made fun of for drawing a sketch with 7-year-olds and calling it secondmonalisa.png. The point of this is to do our best, accept criticisms and make your artworks better. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Asunción Ortega)