jonny monnelly means in slang: The alchoholic racoon. A species who likes to talk to people, particularly when they are drunk. Monnelly’s natural habitat is his bar. He is completely free of all worries and is unaware that reality is happening in his natural habitat. The Caldwell is his natural enemy. Monnelly is often loud when confronted by lame responses from Caldwell and will sometimes put his finger in Caldwell’s face. After the argument is over, the Caldwell tends to retreat into the bush or take on more debt. The Monnelly turns red when he is in the bar, particularly When you drink. The Monnelly often steals phrases from mad McDonald’s pimp McDonald. After this generation, the Monnelly could become an extict. This is because if the Monnelly is too drunk, he will not be able to get an erection. Monnelly is rarely able to get laid. It’s not nearly as common as McDonald’s though. A Monnelly’s diet consists of cigarettes and beer, as well as *****. Monnelly doesn’t eat *****, but simply suckers on ***** for the rich, nutritious and creamy *****. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Sebastián León)