Joni kate means in slang: One girl is depressed most of the day, except for lunch. Lunch cures her hangryness which she’s always experiencing. For a brief 0.005 to 50 minutes, she’s not depressed any more and is actually mildly happy. Joni Kate increases her happiness by drinking a whole pack of geeks. Then, things change. This is where the darkness lies. It is difficult to tell whether Joni Kate is sad or happy because she is likely binging on Marvel movies. It’s difficult to discern the difference between laughing and crying. She is usually tired during the day, but sleeps well at night. She sleeps at 1 **. These are her specialties You can down a full bottle whip cream in less time than it takes to say “jk stop”. She is able to draw any boy she sees. If food does not arrive within an hour, the -goes to beast mode death mode. I was able to watch every marvel movie in a matter of a few days. All nights, every night, pulling There are many other things you can do. Sometimes her friends can be quite kind. One of her friends is a nice, prett child back and the other is a mad, absaloute lad who did this. Favorite Things -marvel -food Music specifically for 2013 -Tom Holland -Tom Holland -Tom Holland -Tom Holland -Tom Holland Also, did I mention Tom Holland? So yeh. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Esteban Iglesias)