Jonathan Lee Penaloza means in slang: Penaloza is the author of Magic without Pants: A Memoir. He began writing when he was a boy, while living in a French traveling circus in 1942. Although he started as a waterboy for the football team, he would quickly be elevated to magician. After many sell-out shows, disappearing cats and other impressive performances, he was invited to join the Avada Kedavra, where a member must have elastic skin, booty shaking, and so on. He cycled to Sacramento, CA USA, A-OK after a bizarre accident that left him with 26 bowl cuts. With his husband Adan, his beloved daughters Shauna (and Gramarie), he now lives in River Parque in Sacramento. Penaloza is still writing and working on his novella, Grapeshot, The Deadliest Weapon. He sometimes shows off his flying baby act when he rides his fixed gear. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Ubaldo Caballero)