Jomila means in slang: Jomila’s name is supposed to mean Jamila, which means “beautiful in Arabic”. Her parents, however, changed the spelling of her name to Jomila and added an “O” rather than an “A”. This will be the reason she’ll spend her entire life explaining. She is happy with her name. It’s almost as if she has found a precious diamond amongst all the Jamilah. She’s as gorgeous as her name. She’s smart, intelligent, balanced, and kind. She is unique and you won’t find anyone like her. It may take some time but she will always look out for others. When she feels comfortable, she keeps it to herself. Once she does feel at ease with her surroundings, she makes every effort to make the experience worthwhile. You’ll see her style, intelligence, and charisma. She lives for the present. She’s an OG, I swear. Jomila is essential for everyone. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Catalina Bernard)