Jolly Tom means in slang: Jolly Toms are people who want to be the best in one area. It is the opposite of the “Jolly Tom The Fat ****” story. Although Unjolly Tom was a boring boy, he found a newt in his condom wrapper. The newt asked for help and unjolly Tom answered. He wished to become the most funny man alive. “By the Gods Valalha, I grant this wish,” said the newt, and vanished into a puff of smoke. He became more witty each year and was called Jolly Tom. But the newt decided to make Jolly Tom, as each year, his humor increased, so did his comedy weight. People were hooked to his humor, they followed him back home every night, and the News of the Worlds sued him for taping his phone. He decided that enough was enough and would stop telling jokes. People became more violent and started rioting in London, burning down buildings, and taking plasma screens tvs. David camera did not like this and signed a decree that Jolly Tom be chopped up and deep fried to satisfy his addiction to humor. But it turns out Jolly Tom was the last person to laugh. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Darryl Davenport)