jolly cocking means in slang: This is a sexual position that’s mostly performed on Christmas holidays. You take a big guy and strip him. Then, shove him down the chimney. You beat the ash-covered **** until it comes out of your chimney. As you continue beating the corpulent man in your chimney, light a fire under him. Break his flabby, fat **** once it is all erected. Break his bone and let him fart. Because of the fire, the methane ignites and creates a jet-of-flame propelling him out of your chimney. His pinky discharge from his ***** gives lube to the inside walls of your chiminy so that his fat legs can pass through. You can see him flying high above your home like an eagle, and yell, “MERRY CHRISTMAS to ALL” (in Slang Dictionary, added by Epifanía Giménez)