Jole means in slang: Jole is the kind of girl who has all the personality. Her beauty is both inside and outside. She is unique. We can call her fun-sized. She is very kind and sweet. Everyone loves her. Her uniqueness is also a great asset. Although she may not be the most beautiful ******* the planet, you will be pleasantly surprised at who she hangs out with. Her voice is raspy soft and has the angelic quality of an angel. It’s adorable. You are adorable and cute. You all know her cute little dimples. You won’t find anyone like her personality. She dances well to music and can move very well. She enjoys taking photos and making friends smile. Music is her passion, as well as having fun. Although she is naturally beautiful, she doesn’t realize it. You can make her look beautiful with or without makeup. You will never meet a better girl than her. You just gotta love her. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Jakson1Skirt)