JOlaks means in slang: JOlaks, a masculine given name, is a derivative from Joseph and Olakunle. This kind of guy is one of the greatest men to ever live. Although he is a complete nerd, he can still treat the people who matter to him with respect. Kind, faithful, compassionate, sweet, and funny JOlaks could be your best friend. He is always there for others. His conversations can last for hours about life and relationships, as well as the Bible. He is a great lover of people and has a unique sense of humor. JOlaks, regardless of gender, is a man you should get to know. Ladies, it is possible to give in if he’s taken. He will be loyal to his girl and won’t allow himself to fall for other women. JOlaks, who is filthy wealthy, has this trait in abundance. nevergivesup notaquitter filtyrich nerd handsome intelligent. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Arthur Cole)