Joibeth means in slang: JoiBeths are love, kindness and patience. JoiBeths are a joy to be with. They make everyone laugh, and it’s so much fun. JoiBeths can be funny, clever and smart. When shopping, they love being left alone. They are averse to stupidity and lazyness, and would rather do it themselves than compromise quality. JoiBeths are rare, so if you see one, it is worth having a conversation. Otherwise the JoiBeth will lose the Joi Beth. JoiBeths are good friends. Although she might only know a few people, they all know that the JoiBeth has been a great friend. Loyal, trustworthy, and honest she is. JoiBeths are considered to be amazing, even though non-JoiBeths might feel the need for more effort in their presence due to their awesomeness. JoiBeth is a precious and rare find, of high quality…may be assumed as a given until they realize their terrible mistake and realise how awful they really are. This watch is diamond-encrusted, which I discovered today. But it’s not as good as a JoiBeth. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Eva Hubbard)