Johnson fever means in slang: Noun: refers to Johnny Orlando’s intense ***** Johnson cravings. Anyone can experience this from the ages of 12-92. Parents, grandparents and children should all get their annual Johnson shots. It is most common in females but can also be caught by males. It can be contracted by anyone who comes in direct contact with Johnny or simply seeing him. Constant thoughts of Johnny Orlando. Weird urges to swallow Johnson. Strange thoughts about Johnson. Hot flashes. Johnson fever can be fatal. There are thousands of them every month. There are not many ways to cure it. In fact som cases get worse. Recent research has shown that Johnson’s physical contact can cause temporary paralysis and make you crave Johnson more. Johnson is a tall, 8.5 inch-high creature. It will not hurt you if it doesn’t bother you. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Maci Oneal)