Johnny, The means in slang: A film called The Johnny was released in 2008. The movie tells the story of six sixth-graders from Liverpool, who find a swing in a local park that looks a lot like a condom. Sixth-graders refer to the swing as “The Johnny”, and it is the place of many great times, including the challenge to get eight people to the swing simultaneously. The 6th formers find out that Johnny, their Johnny, has disappeared. They learn to accept their loss and the film shows them. Martin Scorsese will direct the film adaptation of P.Quinn’s masterpiece. ———–Film Spoiler———– They eventually get the swing back, so the entire film is about them learning to accept their loss. A sequel to the film, should it be successful, is in planning. Johnny Returns Episode 2: Johnny pronounces John-i again for this title Johnny 2 – It’s your personal. Although it is not known what the story of the sequel will look like, P. Quinn has stated that the movie will feature “**** implications”. ———–Film Spoilers Ende Here ———–. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Vidal Campos)