Johnny the Homocidal Maniac means in slang: Johnny the Homicidal maniac was created by Jhonen Vaques. He also produced Invader Zim and Squee. The story revolves around Johnny. C Or Nny (pronounced Knee), is a Homicidal Maniac. He is known to kill anyone who bothers him. The house number 777 is where he resides. One-story house, with an underground maze filled with torture equipment and dead bodies. The ‘thing’ escapes if he does not kill his victims. Johnny has a constant battle with Mr. **** and Nailbunny. Nny’s closest voice to reason is Nailbunny. Mr. **** tells Nny that he will kill himself, and Phyco tells him to kill another person and feed his wall. Nny dies later in comics, going to hell and heaven to find them all to his disgust. He also learns that he’s a wastelock, which filters out all human negativity. This information is given to him and he doubts if it’s real. Nny begins to feel free by not feeling. A new voice tried making Johnny Feel. This comic is a wonderful little one with an intriguing message. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Leo Cannon)