Johnny C. Dude means in slang: Johnny C. Dude is a distant relative of Johnny B. Goode and a chef at the Orient. He sings a Chuck Berry song. Verse 1. In East Asia, near COVID-19s Far from New Orleans, way back in the Hoods A kitchen was set up whose dishes were so delicious Johnny C. Dude, a chef from California, made his dishes It is amazing that so many people have never learned how to read and interpret recipes. For dogs, he was the devil right outta hell. Chorus Get out there! Johnny, get out there! Johnny, get out there! Johnny, get out there! Johnny, get out there! Johnny Chink Dude Verse 2 He would hang out by the tracks of the railroad. A knife, saw, and a sharp axe are all part of his kit. Ah, engineers! Railsides for railroad deaths People passing through a gourmet restaurant would say “Thank you!” “Oh my goodness, dat chef boi is so gay he can make a good meal!” Chorus Solo Verse 3 Mother said to ‘im, “You’ll kinda Gordon Ramsay Man.” You are the ***, and your cronies are sh*t People hungry from all over the world You can eat cats, bats and foxhounds. The Michelin website will feature your commercial Singing “C’mon, man! Have a huge ****!” Chorus. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Montserrat Sánchez)