johnjalyn means in slang: Beautiful, beautiful, warm, and caring woman. She attracts a lot of men. She can lift you up even when it’s hard. Many people envy her. You can rely on her. You can trust her to do anything. She is always confident and determined. She loves for her voice and to be heard. So listen up. She is a great example of good common sense. She is also bold. She is not scared to do something different. She’s athletic. She loves to try everything. She’s very talented. She loves to be different. You will never meet a more random, wild, and amazing woman than her. You wouldn’t believe the unexpected things she brings to your life. She is one of the kindest and most compassionate people you’ll ever meet. Johnjalyn, is an incredible girl. Even though she may be dealing with her own problems, Johnjalyn helps others. She keeps her word and won’t tell you anything. A great friend. Enjoys having fun and loves to party. No matter what it means, prefers to be told the truth. Great personality. She is smart, but sometimes can be a bit cocky. Friends and family are loyal to her. She’s supportive. Johnjalyn is passionate about life and the things she holds dear. Some guys dont even deserve her. It is worth the wait and fighting for her. She is outgoing, fun and strong. Go for her. Once you have her, don’t let go. Never let her go. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Efrén Romero)