Johnathan C. Eldritch means in slang: Johnathan C. Eldritch, also known as JCE, or John, or Johnny is a fictional character in the “PHOBOS ARG” webseries. First, he spoke only in his voice, with a transatlantic accent. Later, he was revealed as a humanoid. Johnathan appears tall and dressed in a suit with loosely fitting tie. He has a white, skeleton-like facial structure and cartoon-arrow-shaped horns. He is shown blinking and emoting when he speaks. The character’s name Eldritch is most likely a reference to Lovecraftian fiction. The character could be an adaptation Nylarlathotep’s Lovecraft mythos. However, it is characterized by a distinctive design and a dpersonality overhaul. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Javon Vang)