John XXIII College means in slang: John XXIII College, a co-Ed private school in the Western Suburbs is the only one. John XXIII, which is colloquially known as JTC and often overlooked by traditionalist institutions such as Scotch College or Presbyterian Ladies College, is a surprisingly dull school with a mysterious underground cultish subculture. Students revere many central figures at the school, including Principal Robert Henderson, groundsmen, and some teachers. They are also celebrated annually in “JTC Day”, where songs and ritual dances are performed to celebrate the arrival of Jason, the true leader of the College’s underground cult. Jason is an iconic figure. Jason is a mythical figure to all. It is not known how he summons devils or enthralls students. However, the method works so well that Jason has even caused school flash mobs. Additional investigation of Jason’s cult will be necessary. More information will be provided as it becomes available. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Alan Barr)