John Wayne Gacy Jr means in slang: 1. Sufjan Stevens, a banjo-playing singersongwriter creates a haunting but lovely song. He dressed as a clown and kissed everyone with his red face and white makeup. 2. This serial killer was a classic example of a typical predator who lured young boys into his home with false promises that they would get drugs or alcohol. The boys would be brutally raped and murdered by Gacy, who often used ropes or other asphyxiating tools. Gacy put 27 victims in the crawlspace of his home. Gacy dumped his victims in the nearby river when there wasn’t enough room. Gacy is an excellent case. He suffered from abuse as a child and had problems with his father. For a serial killer, this is an incredibly common display of sociopathy. He even stated that he was guilty of running a cemetery without a permit. Gacy photographed Rosalynn Carter, first lady of the United States after he was granted a security clearance by the Secret Service. Gacy said, “Kiss your ***.” “. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Álvaro Herrera)