John Mendie means in slang: John Mendie is the CEO of Plugboyys Gang. A handsome, dark-skinned black-American with a great physique. He is a keen athlete. He is not a *** of small talk, and can easily fw three out of every thousand people. Playing fifa with his mandem is his favorite pastime. Because he is aware that people are criticizing him for having what they can’t afford, he doesn’t care about their opinions. Although he is a good listener, he can be easily turned off by others. His cactus is huge and very long, as most hoes will attest. John Mendie is someone you should never lose his trust, or else you could get fired. Travis Scott is his only music. His **** *** is something most women want and his smile is infectious. Because he is aware of the plotting behind his mf’s, he doesn’t show off all his stuff. One statement can make a girl feel good and get her to smile. He is not a *** of snakes or rats. Hypocrites who make their bros cheat on their primary ***** are also a big *** hate. John Mendie loves Nike Retro’s. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Haylie Chavez)