John Henry Eden means in slang: John Henry Eden (or President Eden as he’s often called) is the president in chief of the Enclave during fallout 3. He was born in 2277. After President Richardson’s death in fallout 2, Eden became the successor to Eden. Eden, a robotic with artificial intelligence, became autonomous after the war at a government security bunkerstation. He began to download data from other presidents of America. He became an amalgam of every president in America and himself. Eden is not trying to harm people or is evil. However, his sinister plan is to exterminate any impure or infected persons in the wasteland…which includes pretty much everyone except those living in vaults and anyone from the Enclave. He does however imploy propaganda into radio stations and gives the public false information but this is only because Eden believes only pure human beings are capable of preserving and sustaining hummanity. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Alisa Shannon)