John Dewey High School means in slang: John Dewey High school is not like any other American high school. Dewey represents America’s microcosm. It is located in Brooklyn’s Gravesend. It was founded in 1969 and named after John Dewey. In the 1970’s, the school became a hippie high school. The stoners wore rainbow colors while playing their guitars, listening to psychedelic songs, and it was also known for being a Brooklyn “hippie” highschool. Metalheads also listened to Anthrax. In 2000 it was designated a New American high school and in 2007 was ranked among America’s Top High schools. John Dewey High uses cycles rather than semesters and has bands as opposed to periods. Dewey is home to some of NYC’s best teachers. You can also get letter grades such as ME, the highest, M okay, MC, borderline failing and R retention. Today, hippies are rare, but there is a lot of emo, and even goth children. You might see a child wearing a Slipknot or BB shirt. Some people are freaks and nerds. Others may be future doctors or musicians. Dewey’s diversity is amazing. The vast majority of the population is Asians (mainly Chinese), followed by the Hispanics and blacks. A few Irish and Italian children are also present. Don’t forget about the Jews, oh yeah. Michael J. is one of the most famous alumni. Spike Lee and Fox. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Consuelo Vargas)