John Cheddar means in slang: His legend lives on even though he died in 2018, for reasons that are still unknown. John Cheddar is his most popular name and a source of inspiration for many. Zeus has now made him a Greek God. This is a tragic loss for our history, but it must be forgotten. John declined many opportunities to become a professional athlete and instead chose UNCG as he wanted to pursue multi-sport sports. These include, but are not limited to, badminton and volleyball, basketball, cricket, baseball, crickets, bowling, as well as the Coney Island hotdog contest. Most people will remember him for this. In 2017, Joey Chestnut beat him by eating record-breaking 69.74 hotdogs, dipped into the moistest water. Although some hate him for having a tube running from his bottom to the toilet in front of him, it is believed that he did so because he was cheating. John C., however, will be forever remembered and won’t make it across the bridge as the guy in coco. He kinda looks like John if John lost 100 pounds. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Zariah Sloan)