John Amina means in slang: John Amina and John Amina are yet to meet. They are attracted to each other and find them very appealing. However, they also understand each other well. They both know that one day they will meet. Their souls,… drives and hearts are interconnected and they wait to meet one another. John is the type of man everyone wants. Don John is aware that all the girls want him. All of them text him, love and chase him just like those obsessed girls from the song video, Per Ty”, Mozzik Nimo, Dardan. Amina, however, is not like them. That was all. John was aware from the start that Amina is something special. The two became friends quickly. Maybe one day, that kind of state will bring a bonus + to the relationship. Only time will tell if John Amina and John Amina have many fun and exciting things together. Keep watching to find out if it happens. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Melina Clark)