John 5 means in slang: Marilyn Manson’s guitarist and Rob Zombie’s current guitarist. He started a band, Loser. It never made it into mainstream music. His collaborations include Garbage and Avril Levigne as well as David Lee Roth. He is an influential and powerful figure in the guitar world, regularly appearing at NAMM every year. Although his style is free-form, it still maintains a consistent beat. He clearly shows his metal roots in The Devil Knows My Name. However, he can also be heard dipping into bluegrass through the songs as well as older work Vertigo and Songs for Sanity. Marilyn Manson and Manson were completely inseparable. John didn’t quit and Manson never fired him. He felt that he had to go in other directions with his solo album work after Holy Wood’s Tour. You don’t have to know him because you saw Zombie and Manson. His solos are absolutely devastating. great solo artist. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Moses Henson)