joeymoe means in slang: Joeymoe can be very confident and self-confident. He is a speedy person who loves showing off, spending money, and has a passion for speed. One of a kind, meaning that there’s only one him. He will not take no for an explanation. His car, his jewelry, and his phone are his most treasured possessions. They’re the only thing he can really care about. He looks up to his girlfriend as his guardian and relies on him for help. Although he can be stubborn sometimes and may make it appear he does not need it, he really needs it. His past has made him a difficult-*** person. He’s a loving, sweet baby. He will only be able to change his past and find the true woman he is meant for. It is up to him whether he wishes to be a gentleman or a jerk. He is Joeymoe Issa Boss. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Emiliano Montero)