Joey Lover means in slang: 1A Detroit Lions *** who is at least partly insane after watching bad football. He is obsessed with Joey Harrington’s potential or his greatness as a quarterback. Joey Lovers tend to be positive and outgoing, even though they may not always agree with each other. They love the Lions so much that they can’t bear to imagine what Joey would do to the franchise if he was a complete bustsecond def. So they protect Joey from any and all possible dangers. An authentic Joey Lover might often say things such as “There are at LEAST four NFL quarterbacks that are worse than Joey,” or “If Hakim and Streets could catch the ball, perhaps Joey would put some numbers.” Or “Joey IS NOT a “noodle arm”, in fact, he is one of the strongest arms within the NFL,” or “Even Favre can’t throw the football in this weather.” Joey Lovers spend a lot time with their shadow doppelganger, or antithesis, Joey Hater. Although the Joey Hater gets pleasure from the activity, it causes the Joey Lover to be anxious and uncomfortable. He knows that he has to fight because Joey doesn’t exist to protect him against brutish attacks. Joey Lovers can be accused of being homosexually attracted to Joey. Although few actually have this perception, Joey Lovers are not the only ones who do. They know Joey will need their support if they want to continue. See also manservant. 2Any Oregon Duck ***. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Mila Griffin)